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Mission Statement


St. Maurice is a Catholic Daycare established and supported by St. Vital Roman Catholic Church. Our daycare is dedicated to creating a safe and nurturing community which promotes healthy  learning in an atmosphere permeated by Gospel values.

Called to serve in the Church’s
mission of education,
we, at St. Maurice Daycare…

Recognize, promote and foster the uniqueness
of each child as a gift from God with individual
needs, abilities and talents.

Create within our community a family atmosphere
of faith, love, trust, and freedom in which
each child can grow and develop
as a Child of God.

Foster a strong partnership between
the Church, daycare, home and community,
with children, educators, administrators
and the spiritual director
working cooperatively
to strengthen and nurture the religious,
educational and developmental needs
of our children.

Give us a call:


Fr. Mark A. Tarrant


Father Mark was raised in a military family and moved to Winnipeg on 1980, with his parents and three brothers. As a military ‘brat’ he was born in Edmonton, AB, moved to Moose Jaw, SK, then to Holberg, BC (very northern tip of Vancouver Island), then to Ottawa, ON, and finally to Winnipeg, which he insists is his home.  He completed grade 12 at Sturgeon Creek Region Secondary School (as it was rightfully called then), as well as a year at the Collegiate at the University of Winnipeg.


Father Mark entered the seminary for his Bachelor of Arts degree at Saint Pius X Seminary at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon. Completing his degree in 1987 and then entered Saint Peters Seminary at the University of Western Ontario in London and received a Masters of Divinity degree in 1991. He was ordained a priest by Archbishop Leonard Wall, Archbishop of Winnipeg on June 4th 1992.


Father Mark was appointed Pastor of Saint Vital Parish on July 1st, 2017. He has been a priest for twenty five years and has served in many parishes through the Archdiocese of Winnipeg.


Following ordination he was appointed:

  • Parochial Vicar of Saint Edward the Confessor Parish, Winnipeg (1992 -1994)

  • Administrator of Saint Erik’s Parish, Eriksdale, and Saint Olaf’s in Lundar, Holy Cross in Ashern, Saint Theresa’s in Lake Manitoba Reserve (Dog Creek) 1994 -1995

  • Pastor of Saint Felix Valois Parish, Dunrea, Saint Mary’s Parish in Souris, Saint James Parish in Baldur 1995- 1998

  • Pastor of Saint Viator’s Parish, Dauphin and Corpus Christi Parish in Winnipegosois 1998 - 2004

  • Pastor of Saint Paul the Apostle Parish, Winnipeg 2004 – 2010

  • Pastor of Saint John Brebeuf Parish 2010 – 2017


Father Mark has loved serving in every parish that he has been sent to serve. His serving in parishes over the years had him in three parochial schools and he has enjoyed the challenge of Parish and School life meshing together for the good of the students, the parishioners and the Church.

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